Hurting People’s Feelings Is Now Illegal In Canada

Canada has always brought their A-Game of asshattery to the field when it comes to the Oppression Olympics.  What else should we expect from a country led by a moronic virtue-signalling former drama teacher and snowboarding instructorRecently, however, Canada has really upped the stakes in their continued quest to become the most cucked and pussified nation the world has ever known.  They’ve passed a bill that has made hurting people’s feelings illegal, and signed it into law.



Bill C-16:  Cuck tested, idiot approved.


Bill C-16, also known as the Transgender Human Rights Bill effectively makes it illegal to misgender people by not using their preferred pronoun.  As ridiculous as this sounds, it gets much, much worse.  Upon misgendering a trans person, even unintentionally, the “guilty party” can be hauled before a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and forced to pay financial damages to the “victim.”  In an era where many people actively search for any reason to claim victimhood in order to lay their hands on those oh-so-delicious VictimBuxx, this should scare the living fuck out of anyone who has ever even heard of Canada.



“Aw, shit.  I’m gonna get it wrong.  Just send me an invoice.”

Human Rights Tribunals in Canada are notoriously fucked, and they’ve been that way for years.  Back in 2013, a Canadian comedian was ordered to pay $15,000 to two lesbian women after he made fun of them for heckling during a performance in a comedy club.  Last year, a Quebec comedian was ordered to pay $35,000 to a young man he ridiculed during a show.  This young man had Treacher Collins syndrome, so making fun of him was clearly a dick move — but is it really a $35,000 dick move?  Let’s be clear:  Canada is now a country where a disgruntled person can sue comedians for telling jokes.  You can literally sue someone for doing their job.

But, wait!  It gets even more fucked!!  In the spring of 2017, a Brampton area landlord was ordered to pay $12,000 to a muslim couple that he “discriminated” against.  What egregious wrong did he commit that left the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal no choice but to order him to pay financial damages to his victims?  He didn’t take his shoes off in their apartment.  The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has sent a very clear message to the public:  It’s really easy to land a huge financial settlement if you belong to a protected “marginalized” demographic, and someone says something that upsets you in any way.

We can clearly see how laws like this are almost designed to be abused by people who are looking for any reason to cash in.  Facebook currently has more than 58 different genders to choose from on its platform.  Imagine trying to memorize all of those genders, and then remembering which person is what as you attempt to navigate through daily life.  If you fuck up and address someone as ‘zhe’ instead of ‘xir’ they’ve already got you nailed.  Say goodbye to that downpayment on your car.  It really will be that simple.

This doesn’t even address the possibility of scammers.  What if someone decides to constantly change their pronouns in accordance to their gender fluidity?  How is anyone supposed to reasonably keep track of that?  Does anyone see the litany of serious problems that are almost guaranteed to arise out of stupid legislation like this?  Anyone?




No one is saying that transgendered people shouldn’t have the same set of rights as everybody else.  Every person should be treated as a human being without discrimination regardless of their race, sexual identity or orientation, and religious beliefs — but this includes the right to be ridiculed.  However, the government of Canada has effectively given transgendered people more rights than the average citizen, and they’re in the process of crafting a society that forces people to walk around on eggshells around anyone who is slightly different from them — out of a legitimate fear of losing their fucking house in a tribunal judgement.  This will do little for social cohesion, and it will probably end very, very badly.

From a government standpoint, this legislation makes total sense:  If average Canadians are constantly fighting each over stupid bullshit, they’ll have very little time or energy left to focus on the real criminals in Canadian society, right Justin?

The only real solution is to get rid of gender pronouns altogether.  We’ll pick one — and only one — to use for men, women, children, and everyone on the gender spectrum, and that pronoun should be “fuckface.”

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