It’s Time For Society To Launch Lena “Sister Fister” Dunham Into The Sun

Lena Dunham is a piece-of-shit, garbage human being.  At this point, this is a statement of objective fact.  Earlier this week, Dunham voiced support for a friend of hers who has recently been accused of rape.  Murray Miller, a former writer for Dunham’s HBO show Girls was accused of raping an underaged actress, Aurora Perrineau, in 2012.  Dunham responded to the scandal by claiming that Perrineau was lying about the incident.  This is in stark contrast to some of her earlier statements about the subject of rape.


This isn’t the first idiotic statement to come out of her mouth by a long shot.  The woman is rife with stupid thoughts, which she shotgun-blasts all over the general public via the Twittersphere like an unmarried forty-year-old drunkenly projectile vomiting all over the bride at her own wedding.  Let’s see:  There was the time she said that she wished she had an abortion.  How about the time she sat next to Odell Beckham Jr. at the Met Gala, and then publicly shamed him for not paying enough attention to her?  Or the time she compared the Bill Cosby rape scandal to the holocaust?  Let’s not forget about that time she accused a completely innocent man of raping her while she was in college.  Lena Dunham actually lied about being raped, yet she has no problem accusing someone else of fabricating a sexual assault claim.  Project much, Lena?  All of these “indiscretions” are hallmarks of someone who is a complete and total narcissist with zero self awareness.

Possibly the most egregious example of narcissistic and inhumane behaviour committed by Dunham is the fact that she molested her younger sister and then wrote about it in her autobiography like it was a fucking joke.



Why does the public tolerate Lena Dunham’s existence at all?  Why haven’t we kicked her to the curb and made it clear that we are not interested in watching her stupid movies and television shows anymore?  Other actors in Hollywood have faced much worse punishments for far less.  She was never very talented to begin with, and arguments have been made in the past that she was only able to climb the Hollywood ladder due to nepotism.

Isn’t it time we, as a society, “broke up” with Lena Dunham?  Why does she get so many second chances?  No matter how many times she apologizes for her shitty behaviour, she still keeps coming back only to fuck up again in a matter of weeks.  She also seems to be a big fan of double standards.  Believe women, they never lie — unless the accused is a friend of hers.  Raping women is wrong — but molesting her little sister is totally OK.

Throwing another jerry can of gasoline on the human dumpster fire that is Lena Dunham, a writer for the Lenny Letter recently quit due to Dunham’s “well-known racism.”  When will this end?  At what point will the public have finally had enough of her?

When the Bill Cosby rape scandal broke, reruns of The Cosby Show were almost immediately pulled from syndication.  Is it possible that Dunham has a financial incentive for instantly rushing to Murray Miller’s defence over rape accusations?  It’s important to remember that Warner Bros immediately severed ties with Brett Ratner over his sexual assault scandal.  FX, Netflix, and his own publicist dropped Louis CK soon after his scandal broke.  Kevin Spacey was cut out of his latest film, which Ridley Scott is now reshooting with another actor, after it was revealed that he sexually harassed multiple people during his career.  Why does Lena Dunham always get a pass for her near constant bullshit?  Judd Apatow recently stated that Hollywood needs to stop working with abusers in order to change the industry.  It’s a great sentiment, and one that should be fully supported — but does that include people like Lena Dunham?  Or is she on the “protected” list?  Selective enforcement of “rules” is complete bullshit.  The rules are either for all people or for none of them.

James Woods was blacklisted from Hollywood merely for being a conservative.  Why does Lena Dunham get a golden ticket to do whatever the hell she wants with zero repercussions?



“It’s okay, I bought Apple stock in the eighties.  It’s called ‘fuck you money.'”

If the feminists of the world are going to let this slide and give her yet another chance to show us all what a horrible person she really is, it will simply be further proof that they’ve never been interested in equality between the sexes.  “It’s OK when we do it,” will finally become the official motto of third-wave feminism.

It’s time for Lena Dunham to retire from public life, and if she won’t do it willingly — then we need to force her by refusing to consume whatever stupid bullshit she tries to peddle next.



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2 thoughts on “It’s Time For Society To Launch Lena “Sister Fister” Dunham Into The Sun”

  1. Fantastic article. I am fed up to my back teeth and have had it with her Ilk. They are closet racists and pathetic does not even describe her kind of pseudo liberals and that’s putting it mildly. Thank you for revealing the hypocrite she well and truly is.

  2. People tolerate Lena Dunham because she agrees with their stupid hypocritical “White men are evil and have done nothing for society” bullshit.

    The Left doesn’t care about the actions of an individual, just that they agree with the. Just look at the Left and Bill “Rapist” Clinton. The guy needs to be put on trial for what he’s done, but Leftist fools will support the Clintons because they back this foolish idiotic myth.

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