Ugly Women Are Totally Losing Their Shit Over MakeApp

Earlier this week a new makeup removing app was released that caused women all over the world to collectively lose their shit and instantly decry it as sexist.  MakeApp will take any picture and remove all filters and makeup in order to portray the true appearance of the subject, and women everywhere are reacting to this app as if it’s worse than Revenge Porn.  Why are they freaking out?  Well… because it works.

But there’s good news, ladies.  If you’re not an ugly skank who applies pounds of concealer to cover up those facial divots in order to lure some poor bastard home from the club, you’ve got nothing to worry about.  The naturally pretty women are totally unaffected by this app.


Gal Gadot — Naturally pretty.



Emma Stone — Naturally pretty.



Anna Kendrick — Naturally pretty.



Taylor Swift — Prettier without makeup


Business Insider even went so far as to label the app creator, Ashot Gabrelyanov, as an “ex-Russian propagandist,” because we are in the phase of human existence where we blame everything we don’t like on Russia.  It is clear that MakeApp has caused a mass triggering of epic proportions.  But, why?

Haven’t we been taught since birth that beauty is only skin deep?  Doesn’t third wave feminism constantly proclaim that women are valuable because of their intelligence and skill, not their physical appearance?  If this is true, then why is everyone so pissed off?  This is the era of the strong, independent woman, isn’t it?

Maybe, just maybe, the women who are angry about this app have nothing to offer the world besides their physical beauty, which has now been proven to be totally fake.  Perhaps these particular women (not all women) have become so narcissistic and self centred that having their masks digitally ripped off has left them feeling extremely vulnerable and insecure.  Or maybe they’re just pissed because they’ve finally been called out for false advertising.

It is quite possible that if the women who are currently throwing a shit-fit over an app (which does nothing more than present a truthful appearance) spent more time beautifying themselves on the inside instead of spending hours in front of the makeup mirror, they wouldn’t be wondering where all the good men have gone once they hit their forties.  Just a thought.

In the meantime, the people in this world who are still somewhat sane are going to continue to have a pretty good laugh over The Haggening.






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