Maybe The “Trump Curse” Is Real After All…

Has anyone noticed how a lot of people who railed hard against Donald Trump have experienced complete and total devastation of their livelihoods over the past several months?  Isn’t that weird?  Their lives have suddenly become epic disasters from which there is very little chance of recovery.  Once the man who everyone claimed had no chance of winning the election took office, the dominoes started to fall, and we began to see many of these people for the human skid marks that they truly are.

Harvey Weinstein was a major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, and even gave her instructions on how to sabotage the Bernie Sanders campaign.  Less than a year later, the man is a pariah in both the film industry and society at large.



“Oooh, that’s a sexy lookin’ fern.  I’ll be right back, guys.

Kevin Spacey savagely attacked him, publicly stated that Donald Trump was “a disease” at the Cannes Film Festival, and joked that The President would love Cannes, “because there are so many casinos to bankrupt.”  Less than a year later, the Oscar winner is known around the world as a serial harasser and has permanently lost his film career.


“Oooh, that’s a sexy lookin’ fourteen-year-old boy.  I’ll be right back, guys.”

Louis C.K. labelled President Trump as “an insane bigot” and likened him to Adolf Hitler.  Now he’s lost his show, movie deals, and even his publicist, after it was revealed that, he too, is a serial harasser.


“Oooh, that’s a sexy lookin’.. actually wait.  Do you wanna watch me jerk off?”

Brett Ratner’s 2011 comedy Tower Heist was originally about a group of disgruntled employees ripping off Donald Trump, and Ratner recently stated that he regretted changing the film.  As of last month, Ratner has now lost his seat at the Warner Bros table, and has been forced off the Wonder Woman sequel, now that his own sexual assault scandals have been made public.


“Ooooh, that’s a sexy lookin’ Production Assistant.  I’ll be right back, guys.”

Which brings us to perpetual Try-Hard, Kathy Griffin.  We’ve all seen the famous photo of her posing with a mock-up of Trump’s severed head in her lame-assed attempt to please the cool kids of Hollywood.  Remember, the photo that traumatized Trump’s young son, Barron?  What’s good old Kathy up to these days?


Holy shit!  She looks like a lizard person wearing a human suit that’s four sizes too small.  She also appears to be totally broke and having difficulty paying her legal fees now that she’s been blacklisted from Hollywood for being a crazy idiot.

Sister Fister and false rape accuser, Lena Dunham, publicly proclaimed that she would move to Canada if Donald Trump won the election, and then immediately backed off after he won — presumably because she doesn’t hate Canadians enough to force them to endure her everlasting presence.  Now she’s being metaphorically burned at the stake by an angry mob of crazed feminists and social justice warriors.


“Oooh, that’s a sexy lookin’ my little sister.  I’ll be right back, guys.”

Is anyone seeing a pattern here?  Many of Donald Trump’s most vocal antagonists are being shunted out of society, and every single one of them deserves it due to their own shitty behaviour.  One of the biggest problems in the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency was the fact that all of the so-called “cool kids” of American society hated him with a passion, and actively worked to undermine him at every opportunity.  Trump was never a part of their club, and never felt like he needed to join them — so they made it their personal mission to destroy him.  Didn’t work out so well, did it, bitches?

When a group of scumbags point someone out and claim, “he’s a bad person,” the intelligent observer will begin to suspect that the “bad person” might not be such a bad guy after all — and this is exactly what Hollywood has been doing to Donald Trump for more than two years.  Donald Trump became the popular person to hate, and nearly every actor, director, and producer in the film industry threw as much shade at him as humanly possible.  Now that we know that everyone in the Hollywood Club is almost guaranteed to be a complete piece of shit, their opinions of Donald Trump don’t mean a whole hell of a lot anymore.


“It’s over, Hollywood!!  I have the high ground!!”

This has been the worst year for Hollywood in a quarter-century in terms of box office sales, and it’s becoming more and more evident that the public is tired of their shit.  Average Americans don’t need moral grandstanding from a group of harassers and rapists, and they are especially not interested in hearing Hollywood’s opinions about who is or is not a “bad person.”  The only questions that need answering are:  Who’s next?  Who will be the next domino to fall?  Hillary Clinton is looking increasingly nervous these days, isn’t she?

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