Insane Feminist Declares That It’s OK For Innocent Men To Be Destroyed By False Rape Allegations

If you’ve ever needed proof that feminism has morphed from an equal rights movement into an unholy nightmare philosophy, here it is:


Writer and documentary filmmaker Emily Lindin posted this monstrosity on Twitter last night, kicking off a clusterfuck of monumental proportions.  Lindin, who claims that she was slut-shamed in middle school after allowing her boyfriend to diddle her when she was eleven years old, set off a firestorm with her tweets promoting false rape accusations  and brazen injustice towards men — who by her own words — are completely innocent.

False rape accusations have become a very serious problem during the “listen and believe” era, due to the permanent stigmatization and complete destruction of the falsely accused, as well as the total lack of repercussions against the false-accusers.  Women now have a free pass to “revoke consent” long after the fact, to lie about and smear men who have done absolutely nothing wrong — and to walk away unscathed after their lies are exposed.  However, according to Emily Lindin, all of this is perfectly acceptable during the quest to dismantle the so-called “patriarchy.”


“Destroying other people’s lives is a price I’m willing to pay.”  How noble.

As a society, we need to dispense with the illusion that feminism is about equality.  It has nothing to do with equality anymore.  It is nothing more than a naked power grab that employs bullying and shaming tactics, relying on societal guilt in order to achieve its objectives.  Maybe it didn’t start off that way, but this is exactly what it has transformed into over the years.  It would be one thing if feminists accepted the accountability and responsibility that come with real equality.  Feminism would be a completely respectable ideology if this were the case — but feminists have accepted the reigns of power and stubbornly rejected any of the responsibility to wield that power justly and fairly — and they’ve become rabidly frothing maenads in their pursuit of total dominance.

Emily Lindin has merely voiced the internalized feelings of millions of feminists.

1511321003082.jpg“It’s society’s fault that she lied about being raped!”

 Is it any wonder that only 18% of American women now identify as feminists?  It’s safe to say that the vast majority of feminists have no interest in real justice or real equality, and merely use the movement as a chess move in order to gain a societal upper hand.  But it is an ideology that is rapidly losing support despite its perceived power — and feminism is dying because of shit like Emily Lindin’s tweet storm.


Emily Lindin — BTFO by Jake Tapper

Did anyone notice how Emily Lindin attempted to shame Jake Tapper after he called her out on her stupid nonsense instead of admitting that she made a mistake and taking responsibility for it?  This is par for course with modern day feminists.  Shame and deflect.  Never accept fault for wrongdoing.

Feminists need to realize that if they won’t take false accusations seriously and deal with them accordingly, men and non-feminists will stop taking real accusations seriously.  This is something that nobody wants — because rape is fucking horrible — but it is an inevitable consequence to the litany of bullshit that routinely occurs within the ideology. In other words, grow up feminists.  Sane people are tired of putting up with your shit.

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