Wilfrid Laurier University Offers Bullshit Apology After Professors Are Caught Bullying Female Teacher’s Assistant

The faculty at Wildfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada are in full-on Damage Control Mode after two of their professors were caught red-handed bullying a female Teacher’s Assistant named Lindsay Shepherd.  What horrible crime did Shepherd commit that necessitated a 45-minute-long passive-aggressive Kafkatrapping session by two professors and a gender equality officer?  She had the nerve to play a short clip of a debate featuring Jordan Peterson during a class, which apparently triggered the university enough to reprimand her by hauling her before the Inquisitors.  Despite bullying Shepherd to the point of tears within the opening minutes of their meeting, professors Nathan Rambukkana and Herbert Pimlott continued their full-court press, passive-aggressively implying that she was transphobic and comparing Jordan Peterson to Adolf Hitler.

Rambukkana’s “apology” is littered with weasel words such as, “I wanted to write to apologize to you for how the meeting we had proceeded,” and never accepts responsibility for bullying her to the point of tears.  Let’s be perfectly clear:  This was a meeting held by three spineless bullies who were hellbent on coercing Lindsay Shepherd into admitting that she was wrong, and guilty of Thought Crimes.  She did a remarkable and praise-worthy job of standing her ground.

Listen to the calm, measured approach these shitheads employed as bullying and psychological warfare tactics.  This kind of interrogation is both disgusting and cowardly — and there is no place for this kind of shit in a university setting.  Lindsay Shepherd was not afforded the right to know anything about her accusers or even how many students had complained about her actions, since these professors decided to hide behind “confidentiality” and “privacy” policies.


You forgot to list your PhD in Browbeating, dickhead.

Canadian universities have become Social Justice Warrior-controlled political indoctrination centres that specialize in Cultural Marxism with zero tolerance for diversity of opinion.  Students are taught what to think, not how to think — and they had better watch out if they dare to stray from the approved, politically-correct manner of discourse.  Chairman Mao would likely feel right at home at Wilfred Laurier University.  Is this statement unfair?  Maybe — but no more unfair than claiming that Jordan Peterson has anything in common with Adolf Hitler.  Disagreeing with the methodology, tactics, and ideology of the extreme left does not instantly provide the dissenter with a membership card to the Alt-Right Club.  Nor is having an alternative opinion a “form of violence” in any way.


“Hey, Wilfrid Laurier University.  Clean your room!”

Wilfrid Laurier University needs to provide Lindsay Shepherd with a real apology, not the fake bullshit apology they shat out in order to cover their asses.  The professors involved with this meeting need to be severely reprimanded for their behaviour, undergo a performance review, and write out George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four on a fucking blackboard after class — one full transcription for each time they used the word “problematic” during the course of the meeting.

WLU has lost a great deal of credibility as an institution of higher learning because of this incident, and it’s doubtful that they will ever recover the esteem they have lost due to the actions of their shitty professors.  Announcing the creation of a “task force” that will most likely resolve zero issues and hoping this blows over isn’t the way to fix this mess.  What is painfully obvious is the fact that if Lindsay Shepherd hadn’t possessed the presence of mind to record this meeting, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, business would carry on as usual — and she would be the one facing an uncertain future.  Wilfrid Laurier University needs to make up for this in a real and tangible way instead of offering platitudes that came directly from Cloud Cuckoo Land.

One final note to the “professors” who don’t know how to make a proper apology.  This is how it’s done:

  1. Say, “I’m sorry.”  You need to say the words, jackholes.
  2. Accept ownership.  “It’s my fault.”
  3. Offer to make specific reparations.  “I’m going to do X to make this right.”

Canadian universities are a fucking embarrassment.

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2 thoughts on “Wilfrid Laurier University Offers Bullshit Apology After Professors Are Caught Bullying Female Teacher’s Assistant”

  1. Institutions are like tribes. Tribal membership always requires adherence to an orthodoxy. Nationalism/patriotism is a kind of orthodoxy, as is religion, etc. Absent blood ties, nothing holds ppl tog. in a common cause other than a shared set of accepted beliefs. Anything other than that is tantamount to betraying the group/tribe/etc. The same thing happens on T-giving all over the country. 7 of 8 ppl in a family are X. One person is a Y. The X ppl talk abt X (be it religion, politics, etc.). The one Y person says something that runs vs. X. Watch how the Y person is castigated. “We are not Y types in this house!” This is why holidays are best spent with strangers. 😊

    Unis used to include religious affiliation as their orthodoxy, or patriotism, or something else… even the ideology of non-conformism can be an orthodoxy. “We must all be different. Conformists are banned!” Since the late 1970s, unis have been trying to find an orthodoxy other than the common pursuit of a BA/BS. That isn’t enough to define an institutional identity. Patriotism was discarded, as was non-conformism, as was anything else like religion. Lacking anything else, unis started adopting PC-ness. Now they have adopted SJ-ness. Anyone who ever appears to go vs. the orthodoxy now embraced by uni ppl, even among their own, is of course castigated.

    Go back in time to 1943. Go onto a college campus and hold a public talk about how the US should have stayed out of war in Europe and remained solely engaged with Japan, or even how we should have demanded reparations from Tokyo and NOT even geared up for war. You’d’ve been literally chased off campus.

    While SJ-ness is certainly vile, it is a passing trend. As bad as it is, I do wonder…. what is next?

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