YouTube Suspended Channels For Controversial Opinions, But Allowed Pedophilia Content To Be Monetized Until Advertisers Freaked Out


YouTube has become blatantly hypocritical in the way it chooses which videos are allowed to be monetized.  Many videos that do not conform one-hundred-percent to the approved, extreme left-wing narratives are often demonetized and placed in “limited state.”  Sometimes the channels themselves are suspended or outright banned.  

The conservative-leaning, deliberately-offensive YouTube channel Revenge Of The Cis, was recently suspended from live-streaming on YouTube for the heinous crime of uploading a so-called “tasteless” video onto their channel, and has now been relegated to streaming on Twitch.  Here is a video of the hosts describing the situation in their own words:

Is the Revenge Of The Cis show offensive?  Absolutely.  Is it funny?  Fuck yeah.  Have they violated any of YouTube’s policies?  Possibly, but that’s only because YouTube’s policies are so fucking vague that almost every channel is guilty of violating them in one way or another.  What’s clear is that there is a major problem with selective enforcement of rules over at YouTube.

YouTuber GoonOnFire, who makes Grand Theft Auto trolling videos, has lost monetization and views on several of his videos, despite having no offensive content on his channel whatsoever.  Unless, of course, you count doing stupid voices and mocking gamers who take the game way too seriously as “offensive.”   GoonOnFire has also primarily moved over to Twitch.

What makes this situation even more retarded is the fact that although YouTube routinely brings the hammer down on videos and creators with controversial opinions, they appear to have zero issues with leaving videos that promote the sexualization of children untouched.  Here is YouTuber Andy Warski brilliantly skewering one of these videos:

So… what the fuck, YouTube?  What’s wrong with you?  Why are videos like the one that Warski is taking the piss out of allowed to stay on the platform while you’re censoring people who are spouting unpopular opinions?  Who cares if people like to watch religious videos or conspiracy theories?  There’s a big difference between saying crazy shit and promoting little kids in drag.  Is YouTube trying to normalize the sexualization of children?

As creepy as this situation already is, it’s about to get a million times worse.  Despite multiple complaints lodged against channels with creepy content featuring children, YouTube did absolutely nothing until major advertisers caught wind of the situation and fled the platform en masse.  Here’s actual real journalist, Tim Pool, with his story on the subject:

Now that major advertisers are pulling their funding from YouTube, it appears that this situation is going to end very badly for all of the content creators on the platform whether they are “offensive” or not.  Are we about to see a mass exodus of content creators from YouTube?  Why would any of these people stay on the platform if they can’t make any money from their videos?

Due to YouTube’s selective enforcement of their extremely vague policy guidelines, coupled with their refusal to remove content that literally promotes pedophilia, real people are having their livelihoods ruined by this nonsense.  YouTuber Mundane Matt describes the disastrous effect that YouTube’s bullshit is having on his ability to earn a living — despite his concentrated focus on remaining politically neutral and inoffensive:

The platform has been the main source of income for the majority of content creators for over a decade, but the only reason YouTube is still Number One is because there aren’t really any other platforms for YouTubers to jump to… yet.  Adpocalypse 2.0 might change this if literally any other platform steps up and says, “We’re going to do things differently.  We’re going to treat our content creators better.”  Get your shit together, YouTube.  Twitch is looking more and more like the platform to be on with every passing minute.

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