Marvel Comics SJW Editors Have Been Allegedly Harassing A YouTube Critic For Months

Social Justice Warriors have infiltrated the highest echelons of the gaming and entertainment industries.  Like a malignant tumour, they have been systematically destroying everything that made these once great companies successful — by injecting their warped identity politics into commodities that were just supposed to be fun.  One of the biggest companies that has fallen victim to the Social Justice Warrior Virus is the beloved Marvel Comics.  Their current crop of writers and editors have done everything in their power to ruin the legacy characters that entire generations have grown up with, and their plummeting sales are solid evidence that fans are extremely unhappy about this.


Over the past three years, Marvel Comics have changed Thor into a woman, Iron Man into an angsty teenaged sociopath with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Captain America into a literal Nazi.


Stan Lee is rolling in his grave, and he’s not even dead.

Diversity Hires are the newest craze in nearly every industry, and this wouldn’t be a problem if the people they hired had any idea of what they were doing.  Unfortunately, in Marvel’s case, not only do these people know very little about comics, but they’ve even been sending issues to print with spelling mistakes.




Right, Tom.  This is totally normal.  Nothing to see here.

Some comics fans were extremely vocal about their dislike of the quality of comics they were reading, and were instantly labeled as racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic,  or whatever dogwhistle buzzwords the SJW Zombie Horde use to deflect attention away from the actual issue at hand — shitty comics.  However, most of the fans simply stopped buying the books.

Enter YouTube critic Diversity & Comics.  The extremely blunt and overtly acerbic critic began uploading videos that illustrated, in no uncertain terms, how Marvel Comics was going off the rails:

After assistant “editor” Heather Antos uploaded a lame selfie to the internet, Marvel’s editorial staff responded to the legitimate criticism by immediately crying harassment and encouraging “journalists” to write several articles about the horrible comic fans who were cyber-bullying the poor, defenceless writers and editors.  This, in a nutshell, is the exact problem with every person who is infected with the SJW Virus.  Their twisted mindset allows them to equate criticism with harassment, at which point they unleash hordes of so-called journalists (who don’t fact check) to write article after article that demonizes “the enemy” and sets the narrative.


As it turns out, this appears to be a classic SJW DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim & Offender) technique.  Apparently, it was the butthurt Marvel staff who were harassing YouTube critic Diversity & Comics the entire time.  He was doxxed.  His YouTube channel was suspended.  As of last week, Heather Antos and her minions were attempting to get his Patreon account shut down.

This is actual real harassment, and it appears as though Marvel’s own writing staff is organizing nearly all of it because they can’t handle the criticism that comes their way whenever they publish a subpar book.  Now that former editor-in-chief Jim Shooter has essentially sided with the critics by stating that the company has “forgotten what business they’re in,” the hamster wheels at Marvel must be spinning into overdrive.  It goes without saying that Shooter’s comments are a definitive win for Diversity & Comics and the battle he has been waging against Marvel Comics for the past six months.

What needs to happen now is a full house cleaning over at Marvel Comics — and it appears that this is already underway with the recent firing of editor-in-chief Axel Alonso.  However, more work needs to be done.  More people need to find themselves on the unemployment line — particularly the people who seem to spend more time tweeting about bullshit identity politics than doing their fucking jobs.


We’re not going to mention any names though.

With great power comes great responsibility, and every employee at Marvel Comics who refuses to incorporate this ideology as their personal motto needs to hit the road.  It is still possible to inoculate Marvel Comics from the SJW Virus, and save the house that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby built.  The company hasn’t committed any unforgivable sins… yet.  However, they need to start rectifying this nightmarish situation, and the first step towards fixing this mess is to fire many of their current staff members and replace them with people who love comics and are actually competent at their jobs.  If they do this, the fans will come back in droves — but are they willing to do what it takes to make the company successful again?  We can only hope.



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6 thoughts on “Marvel Comics SJW Editors Have Been Allegedly Harassing A YouTube Critic For Months”

  1. No…they don’t get a pass for that. In a small publications house, something like that has to be vetted by at least three people.

    Marvel is a multi-million dollar publishing house. They aren’t allowed to make mistakes like that…especially on the presentation focus of a product that they expect to market and sell. Having been an assistant editor and an editor in turn and for different houses, I know that at the very least, that somebody would have been severely reprimanded if not demoted for allowing a mistake like that go to press.

  2. Very nice, succinct description of the issue. These people’s cognitive dissonance (where they actually do worse than what they claim has been done to them) can only be explained by resorting to one of (another unmentionable person)’s Laws of SJWs, and perhaps the most important one: “SJWs always project”. They cannot be convinced of the basic decency or even basic humanity of their perceived enemies because they (the SJWs) are projecting onto them the hatred and fear they have within themselves.

    They will whine and “report to the authorities” (Ministry of Truth?) any disagreement or simple internet name-calling but when one of D&Cs self-appointed enemies decided his Muslim daughter was fair game for critcism, this despicable, borderline insane act was DEFENDED by other SJWs!! (another rule “SJWs always double down”).

    Would that we lived in a world where there were legal and financial penalties for calling people “Nazi”, “racist” or “homophobe” without proof. A better, and better-behaved world wherein I would have a lot more money lol.

    Anyway, thanx. Good job.

  3. Yeeech. Marvel is now being run by people who use terms like “cis male.” As for quality, last Marvel comic i bothered with was Gwenpool, but i soon gave up. Sure, the character is cute and the artwork when done by Gurihiru is very good, but the writing is lame.

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