Anthony Rapp Is Being Attacked By Internet Losers On Twitter For “Killing” House Of Cards

It’s becoming painfully obvious that it’s time to create a new file folder entitled, “Holy Fuck, People Are Retarded.”  At some point, one would think that humanity’s general retardation levels would somewhat plateau, thereby allowing the intelligent people on earth to find their equilibrium in order to solve real, actual problems.  But nope.  On an almost daily basis, some new group of dipshit fucktards fly out of the woodwork and shotgun-blast their stupidity all over the public’s consciousness.

Case in point:  Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony Rapp is being attacked on Twitter for coming forward with the first of many Kevin Spacey sexual assault allegations, and is now being blamed for Netflix’s House Of Cards cancellation.  Presumably, these morons think that Anthony Rapp called up the CEO of Netflix on the Bat-Phone and ordered the show to be terminated as if he was part of the mafia or something.


“Hey, it’s Anthony.  Don’t make me put a horse’s head in your bed.”

Now that the Hollywood Sex Scandal floodgates have been opened, it’s inevitable that a significant portion of accusations will be completely made up due to unscrupulous people who want to take advantage of the situation.  We are almost at the stage where any stupid asshole can make false allegations about someone.  However, the false allegation charge does not apply to Anthony Rapp.  Spacey pretty much admitted to it and is now in sex rehab (which is basically Summer Camp for complete assholes).  More allegations soon followed, and it was revealed that Netflix had already dealt with Spacey’s creepy and inappropriate behaviour when House Of Cards was in production on its first season.  There is a long track record of abusive behaviour here, but that didn’t stop people on Twitter claiming that Rapp fabricated the whole story.





Soooo… after multiple allegations from several different people, and an admission of wrongdoing by Kevin Spacey himself, people still seem to think Rapp is making all of this up?  This definitely calls for an episode on Season Two of Star Trek Discovery where the crew beams down to a planet that is entirely populated by fucking morons who should know better.



“Captain, scans are showing extremely high levels of stupidity.”


Other people believed Rapp’s story, but were angry that a “great show” (lol) like House Of Cards was cancelled as a result of the scandal.





It’s not surprising that people like Harvey Weinstein and Brett Ratner felt like they could literally do whatever they wanted, no matter how horrid or disgusting, if this is how people react.  Let’s be perfectly clear:  This is a group of people who are totally OK with sexual abusers running rampant through Hollywood as long as they are able to continue watching their favourite shows.



Most appropriate use of this photo in human history.

Finally, we come to the group of people who blamed Rapp for putting an entire crew out of work by making the allegations that led to the show being cancelled.  Those people don’t understand how the film industry works.  It’s an extremely unstable business to begin with, and shows get cancelled all the time for a variety of different reasons.  Most feature films are equivalent to four months of paid employment for below-the-line crew members when production wraps and they are laid off — at which point, they get a job on another show.  Unlike nearly every other industry, losing your job isn’t the end of the world when you work in the film industry.  The next show will be going to camera any day now.  Therefore, any complaints about people losing their jobs is just an excuse to target Rapp with more harassment.

The truth of the matter is this:  Anthony Rapp is being blamed for a shit-ton of things that are in no way his fault.  He is the good guy in this situation.  Any blame for the cancellation of House Of Cards should be laid squarely at the feet of Kevin Spacey and the enablers who allowed his awful behaviour to continue for so long by not putting a stop to it sooner (looking at you, Netflix executives).  If anything, Rapp should be commended — not only for speaking out in the first place — but also for suffering the slings and arrows of his detractors while successfully resisting the urge to tell all of them to fuck off Half Baked-style:


We, as a society, are at the point where we need to either permanently rid Hollywood of all of its predators or burn the whole industry to the ground.  Production companies need to start adding clauses to every contract with severe financial penalties for any actor or producer (and anyone who enables them) who sexually harasses or abuses someone while working on a show, and these penalties need to be in the neighbourhood of 150% of their salary.  That’s right — they lose their entire salary for the project, plus an additional fifty percent.  That’s one way to put a stop to this bullshit. In the meantime, can we get to work on making Star Trek a reality?  The intelligent people of earth want to leave this planet.



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