Is Bryan Singer The Next Domino To Fall In The Hollywood Sex Abuse Scandal?

To the surprise of absolutely no one, 20th Century Fox has fired Bryan Singer from the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody after the director mysteriously stopped showing up to work, forcing the production to shut down.  Although Singer claims that he needed some time off to care for a sick family member, it appears that there is a lot more to this story since Fox is severing it’s relationship with the X-Men director’s production company entirely.  Factor in the recent wave of sexual assault allegations currently sweeping across Hollywood, and it becomes very clear that things are not looking good for Bryan Singer.  Is it possible that he is the next domino to fall?

The Catholic priest costume was probably a bad idea…

Bryan Singer is no stranger to allegations of sexual assault.  Long before the current scandal broke, he was accused of assaulting former actor Michael Egan in 2014.  The allegations were later dropped, and Egan was eventually jailed for investment fraud, but this is only one of several claims against the director.  In the late nineties, Singer was accused of coercing several underaged boys to strip naked for a shower scene in the film Apt Pupil.  It has been a known fact that Singer once held infamous pool parties at his Hollywood mansion that featured lots of drugs, alcohol, and barely legal men.  Add to the mix Singer’s close friendship with actor Kevin Spacey and producer Gary Goddard, both of whom have been accused of acting inappropriately with underaged males, and we can see a bizarre pattern emerging — making it increasingly difficult to view Singer as an innocent party who is being smeared in the press.



It is clear that the Hollywood sex abuse scandal is firing it’s opening barrage, and that there will be more allegations aimed at powerful actors and directors in the coming weeks and months.  During production of Bohemian Rhapsody, Fox allegedly asked Singer if there were more allegations on the way.

“The studio basically had a conversation asking if there were going to be any allegations dropping on him and that was the straw that broke [the camel’s back],” the insider told Radar.

In early November, a Twitter user named Justin Smith accused Singer of inappropriate behaviour when he was underage.  Film students at USC launched a petition to remove Singer’s name from the Division of Cinema and Media Studios.  Actor Jessica Chastain also spoke out against Singer’s alleged misconduct.  Could all of these new developments have contributed to Bryan Singer’s increasingly erratic behaviour on set while filming the embattled Queen biopic?  It seems very likely.

Wow, a feminist who cares more about fairness and justice than her career?  No way.

Bryan Singer has had a reputation for being a total creep for several years, and with all of these allegations it becomes harder and harder to believe that this is merely slanderous gossip.  Are there new allegations on the way?  We’ll find out.  Whatever the case may be, things are definitely not looking good for Bryan Singer.


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