Get Your Popcorn Ready. Feminists Are Now Attacking White Women, And It Is Glorious.

We truly live in the greatest timeline.  After spending the past ten years relentlessly attacking men for things that happened several generations ago, white women are now finding themselves in the crosshairs, and the weapons are being aimed by their very own “empowerment” movement.  The shitstorm began with the denouement of the Roy Moore/Doug Jones election, when it was revealed that 63% of white women voted for Roy Moore while 98% of black women voted for Doug Jones.


Soon after this information came to light, the hashtag #ConfrontWhiteWomanhood began trending on Twitter, and we were off to the races.  The feminist movement which had been championed for years by white women was now turning on them with a vengeance, and it’s becoming very clear that it is now their turn to be boot-stomped.

That feeling when satire becomes reality…



After spending years demonizing “cishet white males” for everything from mansplaining, to manspreading, to eye rape, white women are finding themselves to be the targets of vitriol.  What a hilarious turn of events.  Needless to say, white women are not reacting well to this legendary appearance of Cosmic Justice.




One of the best features of the Social Justice Warrior cult is the fact that they always wind up cannibalizing each other, and we are now in the opening phases of white women’s turn to be thrown under the wheels of the bus.  This was inevitable, since the movement itself has no real moralistic standards to speak of.  Women were totally fine with sharia law and female genital mutilation advocate Linda Sarsour practically running the Women’s March movement.  Feminists were more than content to allow a woman who served prison time for torturing and murdering a gay man to be a speaker at their rallies.  This, of course, begs the question:  Why should anyone care about white women being attacked by the blatant racists in their own movement?


Do white women deserve the abuse they’re about to suffer?  The objective answer is:  Hell yes.  Absolutely.  Should they expect any assistance whatsoever from the men they’ve been abusing for the past decade?  No fucking way.  One of the last things that white women should reasonably expect is for anyone to care about their plight.  They’re strong, independent women, after all.  They shouldn’t need anyone to defend them — and more importantly, they don’t deserve any help.  They’re about to be thrown to the wolves, which is a great time for men to grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the show.


One of the greatest pleasures left in our society is watching the toxic SJW movement eat their own and rip each other to pieces.  Why would any reasonable person want to pass up a chance to enjoy one of our last truly great forms of entertainment?  White women have been the most privileged demographic for more than a century, yet they were always the first in line to claim victimhood.  They have had this coming for a long time, and watching them being torn apart by other feminists is going to be Pure Comedy.  So, enjoy your turn being savaged by your own team, white feminists.  You 100% deserve it.


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4 thoughts on “Get Your Popcorn Ready. Feminists Are Now Attacking White Women, And It Is Glorious.”

  1. This reminds me of the Antifa group in Europe that got attacked by the local Muslim gang for refusing to pay protection money.
    These self hating white leftists must all be dumber than a bag of rocks, to not only support the anti-white doctrine of “Intersectional Feminism” but to also be surprised when they find themselves under attack! Intersectionality makes no secret of its hatred for white / Caucasian people!

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