Cenk Uygur Calls For Mass Violence If Robert Mueller Is Fired

Political hack and host of The Middle-Aged/Borderline Elderly Turks, Cenk Uygur, recently launched a call for mass violence on Twitter if Donald Trump winds up firing Robert Mueller.  Uygur, once again relying on political demagoguery instead of rational debate, called for a “Tahrir Square like uprising,” in order to defend “democracy” and “rule of law.”  Apparently, Uygur’s definition of democracy and rule of law involves committing acts of physical violence against both dissenters and police, as well as mass sexual assaults.


It’s important to remember that the Tahrir Square uprising, which Uygur is openly advocating, was the same event that saw CBS reporter Lara Logan violently gang-raped by hordes of demonstrators.  Although Uygur is not known for being the bastion of rational thought, this was a brand new level of idiocy even for him — with no plateau in sight.  The Tahrir Square uprisings were some of the most violent protests in recent memory, and this moron was unrepentantly stating that the same thing should happen in the United States if Donald Trump dares to fire an unelected official.






Cenk Uygur is an out-of-shape piece of shit who wouldn’t last thirty seconds in a violent confrontation with a twelve-year-old girl.  So why is he openly advocating mass violence if he doesn’t get his way?  Aside from throwing temper tantrums (as brilliantly parodied by Steven Crowder), Uygur wouldn’t be of much help to anyone if shit ever gets real.



Maybe we should just give Cenk what he wants.  At least this way we could finally deal with him once and for all, putting an end to his passive aggressive bullshit and whiny crybully antics.  Though it’s pretty clear that if Uygur was capable of kicking off a violent uprising, he wouldn’t be anywhere near the fighting.  He’d most likely be reporting on the casualties from the safety of the TYT Studio like a total coward.  In the meantime, Cenk Uygur should probably shut the fuck up before he finds himself jailed for sedition and inciting violence.



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One thought on “Cenk Uygur Calls For Mass Violence If Robert Mueller Is Fired”

  1. So a guy who named his show after a genocidal organisation, is calling for violence? I’m shocked!

    But really though, Mueller is majorly, deeply connected to BOTH the Russians and Hillary! He was ordered by old Hilldog herself to carry a bag full of uranium samples onto a tarmac to hand off to a plane full of Russians for Christ’s sakes. Just try to imagine the hyperventilating the media would do if it were someone from Trump’s side!

    Mueller’s cronies in the FBI were recently discovered being partisan as hell while engaged in federal business (violating the Hatch Act).

    Trump has every right to fire that clown and replace him with someone who is free of conflicts of interest!

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