Feminists Beg Facebook To Police Hate Speech, Facebook Complies & Bans Feminists For Hate Speech

Sometimes justice can be pretty hilarious.  After spending months harping on Facebook to better police “hate speech” on the social media platform, feminists are now finding themselves banned for, you guessed it, hate speech.   Anyone who has dealt with feminists in any capacity over the past few years is well aware of their unspoken mottos:  “It’s OK when we do it,” and “No bad tactics, only bad targets.”  Feminists have gotten used to being able to whine and crybully their way into getting whatever they want, and so it’s extremely satisfying to see them being shot by their own arrows.


Feminist crybully rag, The Mary Sue, mewls about women finally being held accountable for their own behaviour as if anyone is supposed to care:

For pretty much as long as the sites have existed, women, POC, and other marginalized groups have been asking for Facebook and other social media platforms to start taking verbal abuse, hate speech, and other forms of harassment seriously. But since asking these companies for anything is like wishing on a cursed monkey’s paw that turns your requests against you, Facebook has finally started cracking down on perceived hate speech, so long as that speech is coming from women criticizing white men.

Since Facebook ostensibly offers protections for all races and genders, the company views white men as their own protected class.

That’s right, idiots.  You can’t just make blanket statements like “men are scum,” or “men are the worst,” without being guilty of the exact same kind of “hate speech” you claim to be against.  This kind of complaining does nothing but further prove that feminists cannot tolerate being held to account for their own shitty actions, but they will immediately raise hell over any slight against them, no matter how minor.

Feminists always demand that others be held to standards that they refuse to abide by themselves, and seeing them become so angry when they are held responsible for their own brand of hate speech is equal parts ridiculous and comical.  They’ve been bullying others while claiming victimhood for over twenty years, and many people are no longer falling for the ruse.  The feminist always cries out in pain as she strikes.  Women have a long history of becoming egregious bullies whenever they’ve been given the slightest bit of power, and it’s time to hold them to the same standards that they force upon others.


The saddest aspect of feminism is that fact that very few people would have a problem with the movement if women held themselves accountable for their own mistakes, instead of performing mental gymnastics and hamster-wheeling a plausible excuse  to blame men.  They’ve claimed all of the benefits of equality while accepting none of the responsibility that comes with it.  Men are tired of this bullshit, and so it’s no wonder that most women from the Gen X and Millenial generations are doomed to become lonely cat ladies by the age of 40.


Feminists have been using the words, “sexist,” “misogynist,” “racist,” “homophobe,” and “transphobe” as weapons to win debates for far too long — and they apply these highly damaging labels to anyone who even slightly disagrees with them, devoid of just cause, with impunity.  So, it’s highly amusing to see them finally get a little bit of what they’ve been dishing out.  Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it, feminists — and don’t force other people to live according to guidelines that you refuse to impose upon yourselves.



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6 thoughts on “Feminists Beg Facebook To Police Hate Speech, Facebook Complies & Bans Feminists For Hate Speech”


  2. I think the worm is turning. We’ve had enough and feminism turning on itself like this is going to make it a whole lot easier. http://www.alphareboot.com/confrontwhitewomanhood-fucking-beautiful/ Sane women are going to turn their backs on these crazies and as soon as they find themselves isolated from the herd they’re going to wash that stupid pink dye out their hair, put away their vagina hats and start behaving like normal fucking human beings.

    Shame is a powerful tool in this world and it’s the first thing the SJWs attacked. But they’re going to feel it again soon and they will get right back in their box.

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