C.B. Cebulski Cancels Several SJW Marvel Titles & Brings Hope Back To The Fans

Marvel’s new editor-in-chief, C.B. Cebulski, is quickly proving to be the hero we need.  The embattled, SJW-infested, comic book publishing house is now in the beginning phase of the purge which has seen several of its highly politicized titles cancelled due to poor sales.  This is the first ray of light in the long dark night of the soul for fans of Marvel Comics, and we can only hope that Cebulski continues to clean up the mess left behind by Axel Alonso.  The most notable cancellation is the shit-fest known as Gwenpool, which was edited by unrepentant critic harasser, Heather Antos, and will cease production in the near future.

Time to smarten up or find a new job, Heather.

Cebulski himself has already been the target of an SJW-led hate-attack over bullshit non-reasons, so it’s safe to say that he’s probably not a huge fan of the social “justice” movement.  However, it must be said that he is starting off his new role as editor-in-chief on the right foot, and quickly bringing hope back to fans who had all but given up on Marvel Comics.  The pendulum is starting to swing the other way and fans can now look forward to enjoying good stories once again instead of cringing their way through politics-infused soap boxing from far-left “writers” who can’t take criticism, and bully the readers.

Then maybe you should stop telling fans to “eat your ass,” you fuckin’ retard.

C.B. Cebulski has a golden opportunity to make it clear to the current staff at Marvel Comics that their shitty behaviour will no longer be tolerated, and they had better shape up or ship out, because he has the full support of fans who have been buying Marvel Comics for more than twenty years.  Marvel Comics would be much better off hiring their critics such as Diversity & Comics, Capn Cummings, and Douglas Ernst, to write and edit new books instead of SJW Zombies like Heather Antos, Dan Slott, and Max Bemis — because at least the critics actually know what fans expect from the comics they purchase, and the current crop of writers clearly do not.  More importantly, people like D&C, Cummings, and Ernst actually know comics history, and they possess a genuine love for the medium.  It’s impossible to say the same about a group of writers and editors who  choose to gleefully destroy beloved legacy characters just so they can push half-baked political agendas.

There is no place at Marvel Comics for writers and editors who harass critics, manufacture outrage, and dismantle the legacies of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in order to gain street cred with pink-haired SJW freakshows.  The current state of Marvel Comics is one that metaphorically resembles the diegesis created in the Marvel Zombies series, only the zombies actually work for the company, and they’re destroying the heroes from the inside.  Time will tell if Cebulski can reverse the damage that was wrought during the Axel Alonso era, but it’s already clear that he is a man that the average comic fan can have total faith in.  Do what needs to be done, C.B.  Clean up this mess.  The fans have your back.


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  1. Dan Slott will always be remembered as the guy who had a squirrel raped, tortured, killed and left for his owner to find. Seriously, anyone who could write such a thing should be kept away from small children — and squirrels.

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