Hollywood Hypocrites Wear ‘Time’s Up’ Pins At The Golden Globes To Fight Sexual Harassment

It’s safe to say that no one takes Hollywood seriously anymore.  After decades of moral grandstanding, the truth about Hollywood celebrities came to light during the opening phases of the Harvey Weinstein scandal:  Most of them knew about the sexual assault problem in Hollywood for years, and did nothing to stop it.  Now they are desperately trying to save face by claiming that they care oh so much for the victims of sexual assault that they had been ignoring and ostracizing for decades by wearing fashionable “time’s up” pins at the Golden Globes.

Justin Timberlake — star of Woody Allen’s latest film, Wonder Wheel.

The hypocrisy is astounding.  The majority of these people looked the other way for years while men and women were being harassed and assaulted — with full knowledge of what was happening — and now that they’re attempting to use the scandal to score political points with the public.  We’re not falling for it.

If Justin Timberlake is serious about his “Time’s Up” stance, why did he star in Woody Allen’s latest film?  Why did James Franco win the best actor award at this years Golden Globes?  On one hand, the hordes of Hollywood celebrities are decrying sexual assault and workplace harassment (as if they really care about it), while handing awards to the creepiest of creeps with the other hand.

The recipient of these texts was a 17 year old girl.

Maybe the time has come for everyone in Hollywood to be fired.  Either they are serious about workplace harassment or they’re not.  The Hollywood exec who allegedly assaulted Terry Crews received a short suspension, and is now back at work.  No one is speaking out about this except for Crews.  The truth of the matter is this:  Celebrities only care about issues like workplace harassment when it is in their best interests to do so.  It’s time for the public to stop buying into their nonsense.


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