Comics Legend Stan Lee Is Being Extorted With False Sexual Harassment Allegations

Anyone with an I.Q. higher than a stick of celery knew that the #MeToo movement was going to be quickly co-opted by money grubbing whores looking to take advantage of the situation by falsely accusing innocent men in order to score a big cash settlement.  We now live in the “listen and believe” era of human history, and actual verified predators like Harvey Weinstein haven’t made life any easier for the millions of men who would never even consider harassing or assaulting a woman.  In Current Year, a mere accusation of wrongdoing is enough to completely destroy an innocent person’s life, with due process never even entering into the equation.  These days, sexual assault “survivors” run to Twitter instead of the police, because the Twittersphere will automatically rally behind the accuser with a vengeance whereas the police will, you know, look for evidence.

False accusers are the equivalent of Dr. Doom stealing the Silver Surfer’s board.

One of the first claims of sexual impropriety that have immediately been identified as complete bullshit has been levelled against Marvel Comics creator, Stan Lee — and this is an accusation that inspires Hulk-like levels of rage in many of the fans who have read Marvel Comics since childhood.  Stan Lee is a nonagenarian who is legally blind — to the point where he can no longer read comics — who can no longer bathe himself without assistance, and who lost his wife of over sixty years recently.

You better believe that Hulk will SMASH.

Unlike Harvey Weinstein, Stan Lee has never had a cloud of hushed whispers following him around.  Lee has never been the subject of an “open secret,” yet almost every hyper-feminist SJW “journalist” on the planet is immediately laying blame at his feet and claiming that his “age is no excuse” despite there being no evidence to support the accusations.  Lee’s accusers did not go to the police, they went to the press — presumably to quickly shame him into offering a sizeable financial settlement.  This looks like a shameless attack against an elderly person in the final chapter of his life who can no longer defend himself.

Cap hates bullies, and so do we.

Social Justice Warriors have been actively attempting to destroy Marvel Comics for the past several years, and now the man who created the company is being attacked by the same movement that has been diligently working to ruin his cultural legacy.  This is rage inducing.  Let it not be forgotten that Stan Lee was one of the first public figures to broach the subject of sexual assault, namely pedophilia, long before it was acceptable to discuss in polite society — and he did this with his comic books.


It’s time to end the “listen and believe” era of humanity and move into the “trust but verify” phase.  It is too easy for unscrupulous people to completely destroy someone’s entire life with a single tweet, and it needs to stop.  We have due process for a reason — and the reason is to prevent things like this.  The scumbags who have been abusing people in Hollywood have to be dealt with, but the hysteria surrounding their abhorrent antics needs to come to an end too.  Most people do not behave like Hollywood predators such as Harvey Weinstein, and these people should be afforded the benefit of the doubt.

The fans have your back, Stan.


Stan Lee is being attacked by his own nurses, and this shameful and disgusting behaviour needs to be called out so that we can prevent it from happening to other innocent people.  Lee has had a very tough time in the past year, and he should be allowed to live out the rest of his days in peace.  Sexual assault is an abomination, but so are false accusations of sexual assault — and we need to stamp out both of these things with equal amounts of determination.  For every sexual predator, there is likely to be an opportunistic swindler who has no problem with ruining the reputation of an innocent person for financial gain, because the cultural climate dictates that legions of insane lunatics will immediately rush to their aid and start a witch hunt.  The victims of false allegations are never afforded the chance to defend themselves, they just have to sit and take it.  None of this is acceptable, and everything that Stan Lee’s superheroes have taught us over the years says that we should fight back against false accusers just as hard as we fight back against sexual predators.  Excelsior.


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