Hollywood Pedophiles Are The Most Protected Demographic In The World, But Not For Long…

It’s not a conspiracy theory.  In recent years, there have been several high profile cases of pedophiles being protected by the very authorities who were supposed to prosecute them.  Jimmy Savile raped children and dead bodies for decades, the BBC had full knowledge of his activities, and the news organization enabled his psychopathic proclivities by refusing to report on him.  The former president of Penn State University was found guilty of covering up the pedophile ring that Jerry Sandusky was operating out of their football locker room.  Executives of Subway are currently fighting a court battle over claims that they knew about Jared Fogle’s predilection for child porn and kid fucking.  It’s safe to say that wherever pedophiles are found, there are also several powerful people covering up for them.

He’s now on the receiving end of regular beatings in prison.

Hollywood is no different.  In fact, it’s probably a million times worse.  The Hollywood elite have been shitting bricks since the moment that Donald Trump was elected President, because it became very clear that their days were now numbered, and that everything would be made public very soon.  This is likely why they’ve been throwing tantrums and fighting him throughout every second of his presidency — because they know they he knows what they’ve been up to for all of these years, and now he has the power and authority to properly deal with them.

Pedophile Justice, Donald Trump style.

There is a pathological malignancy in Hollywood, and many have attempted to call attention to the child predators who are running the film industry for the past several years.  Amy Berg’s documentary, An Open Secret, can be viewed for free on Vimeo.  A Hollywood entertainment lawyer, who blogs under the name ‘Enty’ has been steadily leaking information about industry pedophiles with increasing regularity.  Actor, Elijah Wood, has made statements in the past about Hollywood’s pedophile problem.  Two legendary assholes from Florida have spent months targeting the elite pedophiles in Tinsel Town with a vengeance on their podcast, Revenge Of The Cis.

The dam is about to break wide open.  Harvey Weinstein was just the beginning, and it put such a fright into the real Hollywood monsters that they’ve been desperately attempting to keep the focus on adults suffering through casting couch antics with their #MeToo campaign — but it won’t be enough to stop the coming flood.  The permanent A-List film director, who’s made movies that everyone has seen, will soon go down in flames.  The kid’s show producer with an affinity for feet (we are currently working on a story about him) will soon face justice.  That billionaire movie mogul is also going down.  Huge media corporations are currently protecting these monsters, and their shareholders should really start thinking about all of the money they stand to lose once the truth about these illegal coverups comes to light.  Pedophilia isn’t the average Hollywood scandal.  It’s the kind of scandal that will literally inspire the general public to break out the pitchforks and storm the Hidden Hills.

Hollywood will either be cleaned up or totally burned to the ground.  Time is almost up for the pedophile elite.


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