Channel 4 Reporter Cries Harassment After Being BTFO By Jordan Peterson

Social Justice Warriors should have learned by now that attempting to debate Jordan Peterson is an exercise in both stupidity and futility.  Apparently, Channel 4 “reporter” Cathy Newman had not read the memo regarding her chances of successfully debating the King Of WrongThink, and attempted to go toe to toe with Peterson in a televised debate which was seen by millions of people all over the world.  Newman, a mental midget by any reasonable standards, didn’t realize that she was punching above her weight class by taking on an intellectual heavyweight such as Peterson, and quickly started floundering in the opening rounds of the contest.  Then she did what all SJWs do when they are losing badly — she started twisting words and taking huge leaps in logic in a desperate attempt to come out on top.  To say that these tactics backfired would be the biggest understatement of 2018.


This is what’s known as “bad strategy.”


Using emotional appeals to debate someone who has armed themselves with reason, facts, and logic is the equivalent of bringing a water pistol to a rocket launcher fight.  It’s just not going to work out well for the person with the squirt gun.  Newman suffered a devastating loss at the hands of Jordan Peterson, who literally ended the interview by chuckling at her blatant stupidity.  Channel 4 was unequivocally BTFO by the University Of Toronto professor during the televised event which transformed her into the biggest laughingstock in the known universe.



Ouch.  That must have hurt, Cathy.

However, Cathy Newman wasn’t done yet.  Like every other Social Justice Warrior, she had the complete inability to lose graciously and decided to play the “harassment card” in order to save face and heal her bruised ego.  The narrative quickly changed from “stupid journalist says stupid things” to “female victim of the patriarchy fights desperate battle against evil oppressor.”  To add to her claims of misogynistic abuse, Newman and her producers decided to publicly claim that they were consulting a security firm, in order to combat the “threats” against her personal safety.  There is absolutely no evidence of any threats that would necessitate hiring a security firm or even calling the police.  There were a lot of memes and twitter comments calling her an idiot, because in a free, open, and equal society, when you do something so egregiously stupid — people are going to say, “Hey, you’re an idiot.”  That’s how equality and free speech works.

However, Cathy Newman decided to make a claim of “threats” and “fearing for her safety” in order to slander Peterson by proxy through his supporters.


Wow, she looks really scared, you guys.


Look at the expression of sheer terror on her face.  Those crazy and rabid Peterson supporters must really gone overboard with their threats and intimidation tactics.  Hopefully, the security firm that Channel 4 hired will be able to come up with an effective strategy to keep her from being murdered by mean tweets.  In other news, sarcasm is fun.

Peterson responded to the crisis by tweeting out to his supporters and asking them to not threaten Newman in case it was actually happening (it wasn’t), and this was also used against him.  News agencies used this tweet to present the appearance that this was an admission of guilt by Jordan Peterson.  A few days later, the professor did an interview with an actual objective journalist and discussed the whole debacle.



Jordan Peterson, by all available evidence, is a reasonable person who rarely gives into emotion when debating.  Facts and logic are his weapons of choice, and this makes him a formidable opponent.  Oftentimes, his detractors are left with no choice but to libel and slander him in order to achieve some semblance of victory, but these tactics are quickly losing their effectiveness.  The only way to beat someone like Jordan Peterson is to use his own weapons — facts and logic — against him.  Unfortunately, facts and logic are not on their side, and they are doomed to crushing defeats at the hands of Peterson every single time they attempt to take him on.  Maybe they should just quit while they’re ahead.

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