SJWs Are Purging Thought Criminals From YouTube, Facebook, Twitch & Reddit

A massive purge is currently taking place on social media sites.  Hundreds of YouTube channels, blogs, and Twitter accounts are being outright banned in an attempt to silence any opposition to the takeover of society by intersectional feminists and pink-haired SJW freaks.  Some of these content creators are offensive, and others merely disagree with SJW and feminist narratives — but all of them are being memory holed.

SJWs don’t stand a chance against the reasonable arguments that refute their ridiculous claims, and they know it.  So they have infiltrated powerful positions at Google, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitch and have infested these companies like cockroaches.  Now they just ban their opposition and cut off the funding for anyone who refuses to bend their knee.  These aren’t just small content creators, either.  People like Alex Jones are being given content strikes on YouTube and having their ability to livestream torn away from them — and if someone as high-profile as Alex Jones can be taken down, it can happen to literally anyone.

Here’s a photo of Google’s “Safety” Team.

Recognize anyone?

Professional Victims Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe “Five Guys Burgers & Fries” Quinn are both members of Google’s anti-harassment team, and anyone who has had any interaction with either of them know that their definition of “harassment” is anything that disagrees with their chosen narratives.   The Southern Poverty Law Center is a member of YouTube’s “Trusted Flaggers” team.  All of these entities are more than willing to ban content creators purely for political reasons.


But there is a resistance forming to combat this Orwellian nightmare.  Andy “Race” Warski, host of WarskiLive and regular co-host of TonkaSaw’s Kumite is crafting an alternative to YouTube. was created soon after Warski received a content strike against his main channel, on a video that was more than a year old, and disrupted his ability to livestream — which was his main source of income.  The site will serve to create a backup for content creators who are unfairly harmed by these insane politically-motivated bans.

“Hey, YouTube:  All Your Meat Flaps Are Belong To Us.”










Content creators have been begging for a viable alternative to YouTube for over a year, and for good reason.  Many channels are mass-flagged and their revenue streams cut off until the appeal process can be completed.  This creates a very unstable financial environment for anyone who isn’t willing to push an SJW-friendly narrative on their channels.  Aside from Andy Warski, YouTube creators such as Sargon Of Akkad, Sinatra Says, Vee, Destroying The Illusion, and Baked Alaska have all been given recent content strikes for virtually no reason.  Brittany Venti was recently banned from Twitch for hosting a satirical “African cooking show,” and needed to present her 23 & Me results to prove that she was part African before her channel was reinstated. was banned from Reddit and shadow-banned from Facebook for our continued insistence on pissing off as many feminists and SJWs as possible, despite never being guilty of hate speech or harassment.

How long before Tonka Saw is accused of Fart Rape by some free-bleeding feminist retard with hairy armpits, and has The Kumite shut down?  The standard operating procedure for all of these social media companies is to ban first, ask questions later, and it is becoming painfully apparent that a YouTube alternative like is desperately needed.

The recent wave of content strikes need to serve as a wake-up call to the Bloodsports/Skeptics community.  Currently, there is a lot of infighting in these online communities, and it’s got to stop.  Sargon is battling with Warski.  TheQuartering is battling with JF Gariepy.  Vee is battling with everyone.  Everyone is battling with Destiny, and that’s fine — because fuck that little manlet, Destiny.  However, everyone who is not Destiny needs to realize that while we’re all fighting amongst ourselves, we’re about to get steamrolled by an organized team of psychotic Social Justice Warriors who are backed by big social media companies.  There’s plenty of room for debates, but petty bickering weakens our side and leaves us vulnerable.  We have real enemies to expose and defeat.  We should focus on them, because they are coming after all of us.

Let the YouTube revolt begin.


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